Studio Policies

The Ins and Outs Of Project Dance

Dress Code

What to Wear

Ballet:  black leotard, pink tights, ballet slippers, optional ballet skirt or jazz shorts, hair in a bun

Jazz/Tap/Lyrical/Contemporary: any color leotard, tank top or t-shirt, jazz shorts or pants, hair in a ponytail, appropriate shoes. Jazz - tan jazz shoes, Lyrical/Contemporary - dance paws, Tap - black tap oxfords

Hip Hop: Tank top or t-shirt and sweats or jazz pants/shorts, hair in a ponytail, black jazz tennis shoes 

Combo/Tiny Tots: any color leotard, jazz shorts or ballet skirt/dress,hair in a bun or ponytail.  Combo - black tap mary janes, pink ballet slippers. Tiny Tots - socks or pink ballet slippers 

Musical Stage: any color leotard, tank top or t-shirt, jazz shorts or pants, black jazz shoes, hair in a pony tail. Adv Musical Stage - tan character shoes

No cut offs, crop tops, or loose jewelry 


You can't learn if you're not here

Please let us Know if your student Will Miss class. You may also schedule a makeup class or practice, at this time. Only 3 Absences are Allowed Per Year for our Competition Team Members. Excessive Un-excused Absences may result in Discipline, demotion to a lower ranked team or class, or removal from the program and/or studio.

Anti Bullying Policy

Together we stand strong 

Bullying will not be tolerated!!!  Excessive Bullying will Result in removal from team or class and/or the studio. We pride ourselves in team work and sportsmanship and we will not tolerate attitudes of Bullying or Un-sportsmanship conduct.

This goes for our dance parents as well. We will not tolerate other families gossiping or putting other students down. Each student learns and performs at a different rate, they all have their own talents and skills that they bring to the team or class, and without them the team or class would not be what it is!

 Competiton Team Members and their families are held to the highest standards and must set a positive example for our other students. Public bashing of other teams or studios is strictly prohibited! If you have an issue with another team or studio please contact the Director.

Bullying on Social Media will also not be tolerated and may result in Discipline, Demotion, or removal. Students and their families are a direct advertisement and example of our company are expected to act respectfully and responsibly on all Social Media outlets. If you have an issue please bring it to Mrs. Kate or your teacher, Social Media is not the place!

Fee Policies

Money Talk 

Students and their families are responsible for paying all Class, Registration, Practice, Workshop, Intensive, Master Class, Convention, costume, and competition Fees (including hotel and travel fees). 

Class/Practice Fees are due the 1st class/practice of each month.  Competition Fees are required to be paid before your child will be allowed to register to compete. (I cannot register students until all fees are paid)

Costume Deposit is Required before your student’s costume will be ordered.

Costume orders go out in October/November. All costumes will remain in possession of Mrs. Kate until paid for in full.

Any over due balances will result in a $20 late fee. Please see Mrs. Kate if you need to set up a payment plan.

Competition Team Policies

Team Work!! 

All team Members must arrive at competitions at the scheduled meeting times. This allows students time to get dressed, do makeup touch ups, and have time to practice and get into the competitive mind set before hitting the stage!

Cover Ups must be worn over your costume at all times outside of the dressing room, practices areas, back stage, and performance stage. This is a Performance must!! We don’t want to be giving the secret of our dances away before we even hit the stage!

NO VIDEO TAPING OR PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED at Dance Competitions due to choreography copywrite and student consent laws! You may take photos and video during awards however.  If you’d like to video tape your student please do so at practices or dress rehearsals. We will also have a photographer come into the gym during the year to take photos in costume. Various competitive companies have the opportunity to purchase pictures and videos of your student as well. This policy is strictly enforced at Leap, Bravo, and Talent On Parade – If you get caught you will be asked to leave the venue and your student may be docked points or eliminated from the competition.

Coach Kate would also like to request that no videos of her or her teacher's  choreography be posted on social media with out permission until after the competition season has ended – again due to Choreography copywrite.

All Travel and Hotel Fees and Accommodations are The Responsibility of the Team Families.  You are welcome to book a Room at the Competition Hotel or Team Hotel. Splitting a Room with another team member or staff member is encouraged, as is carpooling.

Competitions will take place in the Kansas City, Omaha, or Wichita Area with the exception of Nationals which will take place around the Midwest.

Drop Fee Policy - any student that quits the team for any reason other than studio removal, military move, or injury within 3-4 weeks of a competition or performance will be subject to a $200 re-staging and choreography fee! ! Dance team is both a a privilege and a commitment! We are team and a family and all team members rely on each other to have success! 

Additional Policies

Service Subtitle

For the safety of our dancers and the protection of our dance floor - NO GUM PLEASE!

Please use the restroom before classes. 

For the safety of our dancers we ask that all dancers be picked up and dropped off with in the building. 

With the exception of Hip Hop and Fitness Classes we ask that no Street Shoes be worn on the studio flooring. For Hip Hop and Fitness classes we ask that only clean street shoes be worn to protect our flooring. 

There is a small dressing room available toward the back of the studio for changing.  Restrooms  are located in the hallway to the right of the studio suite. 

We ask that students bring their own water bottles to class. Should you forget yours there is a small snack cart with water and snacks available to purchase in the front lobby! 


Safe and Open

Masks must be worn when not dancing!  They are required when waiting in the lobby areas as well! 

Wehn you arrive please sign your student in and check their temp, there is also a covid checklist to check off. Please have your student santize thier hands before and after each class! 

Surfaces are wiped down in between classes and the studio is deep cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant on a regular basis as well!