Young Ballerina

Our Story

From Dream To Reality

Project Dance started years ago as a small dream. Coach Kate began assistant teaching in high school and soon the dream of becoming a dance teacher and owning her own studio started! 

She began working at studios throughout her college years. Teaching at top studios in Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri. While she loved teaching and coaching she still pushed towards the goal of running her own dance program. 

About 2 years ago that dream started to take form! Kate was approached by a local cheer gym and asked if she'd start a dance program for them. That year ended as she was asked if she'd like to rent space from the cheer gym. She agreed to those terms and Project Dance was started! 

That first year brought on many challenges, ups and downs, highs and lows, and finally we began seeking out our very own space that would allow us more freedom to grow and reach our goals! 

In June of 2018 Kate's dream of owning her own studio finally came into play and Project Dance's first ever studio was open for business! 

At Project Dance we pride ourselves in creating a fun family atmosphere while still keeping the focus on quality training and technique! We also pride ourselves on small class sizes, encouraging teachers, professional staff, and creating an environment where students feel safe to let loose and leave everything on the dance floor! 

We know that dance teaches us so much more in life than just movement and proper technique which is why we are proud to create students that are More than great dancers! 

Join our dance family today!!